Two “chocolata” clams with yuzu, and habanero soy14

Clam barbacoa with axiote   14

Sashimi with avocado and wasabe20

Veracruz style ceviche16

Seabass ceviche, coconut, avocado and sweet corn16

Seafood tostada, cucumber pico de gallo17

Shrimp and salsa verde stuffed chile18

Octopus, shrimp, tuna “causa”  17

Beef yakitori with spicy ponzu16

Octopus anticucho, chorizo mayo16

Epazote and mushroom consomme17

Tomato, watermelon, raspberry, and hibiscus chamoy15

Cactus salad, preserved limes, purslane15

Edamame and bean salad, cucumber, jicama, lime vinaigrette15

Charred avocado, radish, greens and sesame seed dressing15

Catch of the day, ginger-garlic mojo, sweet potato, corn, celery27

Beef tacos, smoked oyster dip26

Black miso fish tacos, cabbage, flour tortillas25

Organic fried chicken with salad and tamarind-sesame sauce25

Organic vegetable tempura, vegetable dashi24

Suckling pig “carnitas” tacos, radish, cilantro and “borracha” sauce 28





Fresh fruit platter7

Merengue, sweet potato, coconut and cacao nibs9

Creamy lychee rice, orange, corn “buñuelos”  8

Frozen lemon cream, prickly pear sorbet, charred vanilla8

Chocolate sponge cake, almond ice cream, tamarind, cacao cracker9

Hibiscus and beet shaved ice with yogurt ice cream7


White orchard6 white tea, light caffeine

Himalayan peak darjeeling organic6 black tea, caffeine

Orange jasmine6 black tea, caffeine

Ginger twist6 herbal infusion, caffeine free

Mayan chocolate truffle6 herbal infusion, caffeine free

Rooibos renewal6 herbal infusion, caffeine free



Gourmet espresso italiano4

Gourmet atoyac guerrero5


Prices include 16% of taxes.

15% service charge is NOT inc